Totem Treasure

Totem Treasure 18.0

You will get addicted to this gambling totem game
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Enter the land of Indians and play different casino games. This game and challenge will capture and fulfill your entertainment with an excellent gambling game, where you can gamble different amounts of money in different games. The main objective of this game is to gamble money playing roulette, table, bank, and spin, among other casino games. You can gamble 2, 10, 20, 50, 100 and even 200 dollars in one spin, you must get identical items in a spin to earn a certain amount of money. Each time you win you can play roulette or bank trying to double, triple or make a lot more money. This game allows you to bank your wins and move your earnings, to take care your money and increase your amount. In this game you can play a game, set options like music, volume and full screen, you can check high scores, check help, learn how to play and you can quit the game. In order to play all you need is your mouse move your mouse over your objective and press left mouse button to select your choice. Press over the amount of money you want to gamble and press spin button to play.

Birgilio Rivera
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